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With 15 years of experience in music transcription, editing, proofreading in all instrumentations and notational styles (including aleatoric / graphic notation), Andreas Tsiartas provides music transcription services for professional composers, students of composition as well as agencies and publishing houses.

Full scores and parts upon request, professional layout, and full accuracy to the original manuscript. Full confidentiality and on time delivery guaranteed.

● All instrumentations  

● Full score and parts (Sibelius)

● Professional layout 

● Full confidentiality 

● Full accuracy to the original 

● Competitive prices 

● On-time delivery


Andreas Tsiartas is a graduate of the Hochschule für Musik ‘Carl Maria von Weber’ in Dresden in Composition, and PhD cand. in Music (by Composition) at the University of York (2017-2022), with 18 years of experience in working with renowned musicians, ensembles, orchestras throughout Europe, 15 years of teaching experience, Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK (2021).

All sessions are taking place online, upon a flexible schedule that suits you best. Competitive prices and full confidentiality. Sessions are available either in English, German, or Greek.  

● Preparation for university entrance exams – particular focus for students of composition

● Orchestration sessions 

● Facilitating sessions for university students 

● Music transcription assistance (Sibelius) 

● Proofreading for assignments 

● Music analysis, music theory, history of music sessions

● Competitive prices 

● Online & flexible schedule

● Languages of instruction (English, German, Greek)

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